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“You know, any time that you get to slow dance with Eddie Vedder during ‘New World’ is happy … because I love him dearly. ” Exene Cervenka, X/The Knitters

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Thick Pix: Mike Week cont’d

by John Reynolds on April 9, 2009

During the mammoth 2003 tour, we were lucky enough to get photos from the Pearl Jam / Temple of the Dog reunion show in Santa Barbara from a great photographer Dominic Disaia. After posting that article, Dominic was nice enough to send me this print of Mike from June 3, 2003 at the L.A. Forum.

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Here’s another one of Mike from San Diego ’06…and we feel intimidated

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We love the man, why not celebrate for a week? This one is from San Diego 2006, taken during Inside Job.


Happy 43rd Birthday, Mike!

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Thick Pic: Ten Takes Manhattan

by Jessica Letkemann on April 1, 2009

Walking home from a concert last night in lower Manhattan and posters for “Ten Redux” wheatpasted to the sides of foreclosed Soho boutiques jumped out at me. Ah, resessionomics. Like “Ten,” it’s so 1991. This tryptich was taken on Spring near the Bowery (that’s somewhat around the corner from CBGB for those of you not familiar with New York). Rock.


Thick Pic of The Day

by Kathy Davis on March 17, 2009

Wearin’ ‘O The Green…here is Mike at the San Diego Sports Arena, July 7, 2006.


Stone taking a load off at the Santa Barbara Bowl, July 13, 2006


Ed leaning against a tree taken by Matt The Tube from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, Summer 1992


Ed with “This Modern World” cartoonist Tom Tomorrow at a U2 show, 2006