Pearl Jam Concert Chronology

March 10, 2009: The Concert Chronology has been re-organized to align with the redesign of While it may be an inconvenience to some, we decided to organize the concerts by year. In the past, the years with more activity (1992, 1998, 2000, etc) were broken up into parts, mainly by tour leg. As we approach Pearl Jam’s 20th year (!) of performing, organizing the concerts by year is easier to navigate.

As usual, please send us comments, updates, suggestions on how the CC can be improved. We realize there are still gaps in notes (2008! d’oh!) and any help to complete them is greatly appreciated!

June 12: Tour time for PJ, once again! East Coast of North America with Bonaroo and a Beacon Theater benefit thrown in for good measure. It’s a short tour which the most of the three of us will be attending en masse. Here’s the link.

April 3, 2008: Eddie Vedder is now on tour, so we’ve created a 2008 page for the “Eddie Vedder Concert Chronology“. Concerts from other PJ side-projects are inserted here and there in the CC, but we thought Ed’s tour needed distinction. And yes, we will eventually break out other pages for his past solo appearances.

November/December 2005: Pearl Jam is touring South America for the first time ever these days we’re updating the CC with all the notes and setlists soon after each show, so come on back after each one. The enthusiasm of the crowds there are sounding amazing! If you’re going to shows, please keep writing in. The CC thrives on input.

September 6, 2005: The Canadian tour is afoot and we’re posting setlists, show notes and setlist scans/photos (when available) almost daily. Where PJ plays, so goes the TFT Concert Chronology, so please check back often. And don’t stop writing in your notes and corrections and updates – all the detailed emails have been wonderful! And if you have a show in your future, visit TWeRP for directions and other info for show-goers.

August 25, 2005: TFT’s first round of updates to the Concert Chronology! Check out the ton of cool old school setlist scans emailed to us by Jimmy Lloyd. And Kyle Matteson wrote in with info confirming a very very old, previously undiscovered show that TFT’s Jessica Letkemann has been trying to confirm for ages. Thanks Kyle and Jimmy! And thanks to everyone who wrote in since TFT took over the CC earlier this month, we’ll be adding your corrections and updates soon.

August 3, 2005: The Concert Chronology you know and love from has a new home here at Two Feet Thick. Jean Bruns, who built the CC at Five Horizons since 1995, has recently decided to retire from maintaining it, and has offered that honor to the three of us at Two Feet Thick. With her encouragement, we’ve transported the whole thing over here intact and have already begun updating it and adding further information about older shows to it (Read more about the transition). This, as with everything else at TFT, is where you come in. To make the CC the best and most complete it can be, we need your help whether you’ve dug up an old setlist or want to report on a new show.

And let us take an extra moment out to thank Jean, not only for giving us the amazing opportunity to ensure the Concert Chronology’s future, but also for her tireless work over a solid decade in bringing Pearl Jam fans everywhere the single most useful, detailed, and widely read document of Pearl Jam’s live history in existence.

The Pearl Jam Concert Chronology, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a comprehensive catalog of the live performances of Pearl Jam and it’s members. The CC contains all known date, setlist, venue and attendance information, first-hand accounts and related media such as posters and handbills for every known show since Pearl Jam formed in 1990. As the essential resource for live Pearl Jam information, factual accuracy will continue to be of utmost importance as we mine details from setlists, posters, ads, articles and memories.

–John Reynolds, Jessica Letkemann, and Kathy Davis

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