10/22/90 – Off Ramp Cafe: Seattle, WA (Mookie Blaylock) [45m]
attendance: 299
supporting: Inspector Luv and the Ride Me Babies (who later became Green Apple Quickstep), Bathtub Gin
soundcheck: Even Flow
set: Release, Alone, Alive, Once, Even Flow, Black, Breath
enc: Just A Girl
notes: In the first week after their initial meeting, the members of the band that will become Pearl Jam play this show as “Mookie Blaylock.” Jeff steps off the small stage to wander in the crowd a bit while playing during the soundcheck. ‘Even Flow’ is a very unusual, slow version. In fact, most of these songs sound very different and are slower versions, with ‘Release,’ ‘Once’ and ‘Black’ sporting different/early lyrics. ‘Girl’ hasn’t appeared on a setlist since this show.
TFT Feature: 19 Candles

11/13/90 – Off Ramp Cafe: Seattle, WA (Temple of the Dog show) [60m]
attendance: 299
support act: Bathtub Gin
set: Hunger Strike, Wooden Jesus, Say Hello 2 Heaven, Reach Down, Call Me a Dog, Times of Trouble, Pushin’ Forward Back, Your Saviour, Four-Walled World
notes: Everyone from the Temple of the Dog recording, sans Ed. Near the very beginning, Mike plays the opening strains of what would five years later become Mad Season’s ‘River of Deceit.’ This was the only time Temple of the Dog played a complete set.

12/16/90 – KISW: Seattle, WA
notes: The band appears on the KISW new Music Hour, introducing Ed to the world and telling the story of meeting him via Jack Irons. They give away tickets to the upcoming 12/22/90 AIC show at the Moore, providing tickets to those phoning in with band names. After the interview, a demo of ‘Once’ is played.

12/19/90 – The Vogue: Seattle, WA (Mookie Blaylock)
supporting: El Steiner, Bathtub Gin

12/21/90 – New Melody Tavern: Seattle, WA (Mookie Blaylock)
We’re unsure if Mookie Blaylock played at this “Seattle Musicians for the People” show or if it occurred. We have this poster and would like to hear from you if you have news about this show, which was a benefit for Toys for Tots, the food bank, etc. Many bands are listed to appear, including Alice in Chains, Luv Battery, Kristen Barry and Bathtub Gin.
New info: Someone in the Seattle area who was at this show says that “just a couple of guys from the band” were there and that they “played a few songs acoustically.” It wasn’t well-attended.
More new info: Someone else who drove to this show, despite a big snowfall, doesn’t think that either Mookie or AIC played due to the weather.

12/22/90 – Moore Theater: Seattle, WA (Mookie Blaylock)
supporting: Alice in Chains
set: Release, Once, Alive, Why Go, Even Flow, Alone, Porch, Breath

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