06/11/08 – Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
soundcheck: Who You Are, Light Years, Blood, Present Tense, Save You
set:Oceans, Severed Hand, Save You, Gods’ Dice, Given to Fly, Faithfull, Unemployable, Sad, Dissident, Who You Are, Even Flow, Low Light, Gone, Grievance, Glorified G, Do The Evolution, Why Go
first encore: Inside Job, Better Man, Comatose, Rearviewmirror
second encore: It Rains On Me, No More, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter
TFT Notes: Coming soon…

ADDED August 14, 2008

06/12/08 – St. Pete’s Times Forum, Tampa, FL

set:Sometimes, Corduroy, Why Go, Severed Hand, Elderly Woman …, Marker in the Sand, Light Years, Down, Wishlist, Given To Fly, Daughter, Even Flow, Present Tense, Insignificance, Better Man, Do The Evolution
first encore: Nothingman, Black, Life Wasted, Porch
second encore: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter/(Star-Spangled Banner)
TFT Notes: “I think I speak for the whole band and even the crew … we’re not quire sure …. we’re here, we’re playing in Tampa. (Does) the name of the building have something to do with St. Petersburg? I know we’re spending the night in St. Petersburg. Then there’s a Canadian flag? I don’t know where the fuck we are! I asked Matt Cameron ‘Matt, where the fuck are we?’. (he said) ‘Ed, we are in the here and now‘. So welcome to the here and now, we’re glad you can be here with us. This is dedicated to anyone who happens to be from Bradenton, FL.” leading to “Elderly Woman…”. “Light Years” is played after no appearances the last two legs of 2006 and only two appearances in 2007. Boom is prominent on “Down” with a lot of added piano arrangements. “Wishlist” includes an improvised verse about the President, the War and the need to bring the troops home (“This is their home / bring them home / we’re waiting for you at home”). He also ad libs the line “I wish I was as fortunate as fortunate as J.C.” referring to former 1970s Chicago Cubs outfielder Jose Cardinal who apparently is in attendance. After the song, Ed explains “I was gonna mention a little something about hope. When I was a kid, I got taken to the bleachers, so I can relate to these people (in the upper sections). I never got to be behind home plate like these people (in the front row). My uncle used to take me to Chicago to Wrigley Field. But the best thing about the bleachers … you were far away from home plate, but you were the closest to the guy who was my fav player, kinda the first hero I had as a young kid… he was in Right Field and I got to sit right in front of him, and I’d go to all these games and see him, this guy, his name was Jose Cardinal. And he wore the Number 1, he had a great Afro, he was Cuban – but i didn’t know if he was white, black, whatever – it didn’t matter. He was just the coolest fucking guy I had ever seen. Kinda reminds me of this Barack Obama guy – it doesn’t really matter, he’s just a cool (guy). So I’d go to the game with my uncle, and I was maybe 4-5-6 (years old), and my uncle would tell me (Uncle-voice) ‘my favorite guy Jose, he’s going blind, he’s going blind and that’s why at the start of every game they say ‘Jose, can you see?” (For those outside the U.S., this is an old joke on the first words of the National Anthem “Oh say, can you see?”). (To sarcastic applause) Alright, that’s not that funny, it’s not really worth tellin’, but I didn’t know any better at 5! My hero was this Right Fielder with this huge Afro who was going blind and he played Right Field for the Chicago fucking Cubs and that gave me hope that I could do anything. So, I met Jose a number of years ago, we’ve ended up being very very close friends, I’ve gotten to know his son a bit. I have to mention this too because for the very first time he gets to see us play tonight. He’s here, Jose Cardinal somewhere over there (pointing, then spotting) that’s Jose! Jose, Jesus, we play this one for you.” leading to “Given To Fly”. The crowd response is recognized – “you’re doing your part, times ten … such a shame that we only come here once every 8 years (boos). It’s alright, it’s our short term memory that’s failing us. We’ll remember this one, I believe.” As another nod to Jose Cardinal, Ed sings “I am ahead, I am advanced, I am the first to wear number one on my back.” Ed taunts the crowd, “We’ll never forget this night in Toronto” and “Nothingman” and “Black” are played by request. “Nothingman” includes Matt Cameron on backing vocals, signing the harmonies and echoes (“She don’t want him”) true to the recorded version. Pearl Jam plays a “short” first encore with four songs, but with near ten-minute versions of “Black” and “Porch”. During the next encore break Ed mentions that you can register to vote at booths set up by an organization called Headcount for those “on the fence, under the fence or if you just want to break through the fucking fence”. He ponders if that “the future’s in a booth right in the back of this very arena that we’re all standing in, it’s right there. Good or bad, it’s right there”. He also mentions a political movie called Recount saying that “Florida’s the biggest star of the movie.” With a few political references in a row (and lackluster response), he placates the audience saying he “won’t mention politics one more time this evening … unless you want me to?” to a big ovation. After “Alive” Ed introduces the band as “Boom Gossard, Stone Gasper, Matt Vedder, Eddie Cameron, Jeff McCready, Mike Ament”. A sonically-charged “Star-Spangled Banner” appends “Yellow Ledbetter”.

06/14/2008 – Bonnaroo Music Festival – Manchester, TN
set: Hard to Imagine, Corduroy, All Night, Why Go, Elderly Woman…, Down, Who You Are, Severed Hand, 1/2 Full, Animal, Even Flow, Daughter, Gone, Love Reign O’er Me, Do the Evolution, Rearviewmirror
first encore: W.M.A., Better Man (Save it for Later), Black, Life Wasted, Crazy Mary, Porch
second encore: No More, Release, Alive
third encore: All Along the Watchtower

06/16/2008 – Colonial Center, Columbia, SC
set: Can’t Keep, Why Go, All Night, Hail Hail, Sad, Severed Hand, Red Mosquito, I Am Mine, Even Flow, Off He Goes, Elderly Woman…, Present Tense, Whipping, I Got Id, Army Reserve, Glorified G, Do The Evolution
first encore: Inside job, Given To Fly, Education, W.M.A., Better Man, Save You, Porch
second encore: No More Footsteps, Alive
third encore: Indifference

06/17/2008 – Verizon Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
set: Long Road, Corduroy, Severed Hand, All Night, I am Mine, Elderly Woman…, Faithful, Low Light, Evacuation, Given to Fly, Green Disease, Not for you/Modern Girl, Sleight of Hand, Even Flow, Wishlist, Insignificance, Do The Evolution, Rearviewmirror
first encore: Comatose, Why Go, Better Man, Jeremy
second encore: Guaranteed, Alive, Rockin In The Free World

06/19/2008 – Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
set: Hard to Imagine, Corduroy, Severed Hand, Do the Evolution, All Night, In Hiding, Elderly Woman…, Gone, Who You Are, Unemployable, Even Flow, Light Years, Grievance, Given to Fly, U, Rats, Why Go
first encore: Love Reign O’er Me, Better Man(Save it for later), State of Love and Trust, Black, Leash
second encore: No More, Crazy Mary, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter

06/20/2008 – Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
set: Severed Hand, Brain of J, Animal, Dissident, Low Light, Down, Nothing as it Seems, Green Disease, Love Boat Captain, Corduroy, Even Flow, Thin Air, Daughter(War), Insignificance, W.M.A., Do The Evolution, Whipping, Better Man, Why Go
first encore: Lukin, Comatose, Given to Fly, Rearviewmirror
second encore: Footsteps, Once, Alive, Baba O’Riley

06/22/2008 – Verizon Center, Washington, DC
set: Hard to Imagine, Severed Hand, Hail Hail, Do The Evolution, Elderly Woman…, Evacuation, Corduroy, I’m Open, I Am Mine, I Got Id, Daughter, Light Years, Even Flow, Green Disease, You Are, U, Who You Are, Why Go
first encore: Comatose, Sad, Given to Fly, Come Back, Grievance, Black, Rearviewmirror
second encore: No More, Last Kiss, Crazy Mary, Alive, All Along the Watchtower, Yellow Ledbetter

06/24/2008 – Madison Square Garden, New York City
set: Hard to Imagine, Save You, Why Go, All Night, Corduroy, Faithful, Elderly Woman…, Down, Unemployable, Given to Fly, Who You Are, Whipping, 1/2 Full, Even Flow, Present Tense, Daughter, Do The Evolution
first encore: Love Reign O’er Me, W.M.A., Leash, Spin The Black Circle, Wasted Reprise, Porch
second encore: No More, Crazy Mary, Comatose, I Believe in Miracles, Alive
third encore: All Along the Watchtower, Indifference

06/25/2008 – Madison Square Garden, New York City
set: Release, World Wide Suicide, Severed Hand, Corduroy, All Night, Cropduster, Garden, Marker in the Sand, I’m Open, Wishlist, State of Love and Trust, Even Flow, Who You Are, Rats, Given to Fly, Do The Evolution, Go
first encore: Inside Job, W.M.A., Lukin, I Believe In Miracles, Better Man(Save It For Later), Rearviewmirror
second encore: No More, Last Kiss, Why Go, Black Diamond, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter

06/27/2008 – Dodge Music Center, Hartford, CT
set: Can’t Keep, Breakerfall, Last Exit, Gods’ Dice, All Night, Elderly Woman…, Sad, Brain of J, Big Wave, In Hiding, Not For You(Modern Girl), Daughter(Another Brick in the Wall), Why Go, Jeremy, Gone, Immortality, Porch
first encore: Garden, Better Man, Even Flow, Comatose, Leash, Blood(Atomic Dog)
second encore: Smile, Do The Evolution, Alive, Fuckin’ Up, Yellow Ledbetter(Little Wing)

06/28/2008 – Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
Ed Pre set: Throw Your Arms Around Me
set: Hard to Imagine, Why Go, Hail Hail, Comatose, Low Light, Elderly Woman…, Corduroy, Faithful, Off He Goes, Given to Fly, Down, I’m Open, I Got Id, Even Flow, Do The Evolution, Once, Rearviewmirror
first encore: Love Reign O’er Me, Come Back, Insignificance, Black, Better Man(Save it for Later)
second encore: No More, State of Love and Trust, Alive

06/30/2008 – Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
set: Wash, Last Exit, Save You, Severed Hand, Animal, MFC, Elderly Woman…, 1/2 Full, Corduroy, Given To Fly, Even Flow, Education, Satan’s Bed, Whipping, Glorified G, Do The Evolution
first encore: Bee Girl, Who You Are, Better Man(Save It For Later), Garden, Why Go
second encore: No More, Once, Footsteps, Alive, Rockin In The Free World

07/01/2008 – Beacon Theater, New York, NY
set: Low Light, Small Town, Sleight Of Hand, Harvest Moon, Masters Of War, Down, All Night, Corduroy, Even Flow, Light Years, Army Reserve, W.M.A, Marker In The Sand, Wasted Reprise, Wish List, Why Go, Do The Evolution
first encore: Undone, Who You Are, Given To Fly, Black, Crazy Mary
second encore: No More, Last Kiss, Alive, Baba O’Riley

07/12/2008 – “VH1 Rock Honors: The Who”, Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA
set: Love Reign O’er Me, The Real Me
TFT Notes: Pearl Jam perform two Who covers as part of the VH1 series “Rock Honors”, along with Foo Fighters, Incubus, Tenacious D and The Who themselves. Sean Penn introduces Pearl Jam, and “Love Reign O’er Me” is played with a large String ensemble. Boom is not present so Brendan O’Brien – who plays piano/keyboards on the studio recording – is present tonight. “The Real Me” is played with a three-piece horn section. Towards the end of the song, Mike sends a 50th Anniversary Les Paul airborne and it comes crashing to the ground, smashed to bits.

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