Jeff Ament

TFT Interviews Jeff Ament

by Jessica Letkemann on March 18, 2011

Jeff Ament fields questions about everything from plans for a new Pearl Jam album and tantalizing tidbits about the Pearl Jam festival this year, to touring with old buddies Dug Pinnick and Richard Stuverud (and Mike McCready!) in Tres Mts., a new Jeff solo album and Ed on tour solo, and lots more.


Tres Mts. is One Cool Package

by John Reynolds on March 16, 2011

“They’re real, and they’re spectacular!” No, we’re not talking about Teri Hatcher on Seinfeld, we’re talking about the new Tres Mts. CD which arrived today via Ten Club.

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A full six minute video of Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, and producer Brendan O’Brien previewing the upcoming Vs./Vitalogy reissue


Happy Birthday Jeff Ament!

by John Reynolds on March 10, 2011

Jeff Ament, bassist for Pearl Jam, turns 48 on March 10.


Tres. Mts./Three Fish alumni Richard Steverud talks to PearlJamOnline, and an exclusive Eddie Vedder Aussie tour shirt available down under + tour reminders


Smatterings of Vs./Vitalogy promo tidbits whet the appetite for Pearl Jam’s upcoming combined re-issue, including promo vid featuring Jeff Ament and Brendan O’Brien


Jeff Ament new side project TresMts. have announced album release dates and news of a few shows – and Mike McCready will be sitting in live!


Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament reveals 2011 Anniversary plans in a Rolling Stone exclusive!


EasyStreetOnline treats us to a Best Of 2010 by guest “list-maker”, Pearl Jam’s own Jeff Ament

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Meet The Press: Pearl Jam is Bad ’70s Country Rock

by John Reynolds on December 22, 2010

December marks the 20th Anniversary of Pearl Jam’s first appearances on radio and in print

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