Jeff Ament

Jeff with Nathan and Matthew Followill of the Kings Of Leon- Virginia Beach, VA July 16, 2008


[caption id="attachment_559" align="alignleft" width="215" caption="Jeff Santa Barbara July 13, 2006"]Jeff Santa Barbara July 13, 2006[/caption]


It’s Jeff Appreciation Week! Taken by Kath at Cox Arena in San Diego July 7, 2006

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Jeff Ament is 46 today - and still rocking our socks off!  Many Happy Returns of the day to our favorite bassist!


A great interview with everyone except Ed appeared in the Glasgow (Scotland) Daily Record.  Original Article is here, or click “more” to read on! Q+A session with Pearl Jam Mar 9 2009 By Bryan Quinn Pearl Jam 360 Q: Seattle has always been out of the mainstream American rock circuit, so how did the scene develop [...]


Jeff on the new album

by Kathy Davis on February 6, 2009

Frontman Eddie Vedder “put rough vocals on about half the stuff we worked on in December,” bassist Jeff Ament tells “There’s a handful of really great lyrics. Lyrically, that stuff is in the embryonic stage, but there’s a handful of lines and a couple of choruses that are just really great. He keeps getting better.”

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Ten: A Study In Pink

by Jessica Letkemann on August 25, 2006

Ten @ 15 Ten was released fifteen years ago on August 27, 1991 (click to see cover unfolded) It’s pink, it’s tres early-90s, and it’s packed with nuanced and obscure PJ information. What is it? The liner notes of Ten. As Neil Young famously sang, “there’s more to the picture / than meets the eye.” [...]


Rock’s most beloved collectible, the band T-shirt. It’s a simple, effective way of pledging your allegiance or proving you were there. Thanks to the creative forces at work in the PJ camp (namely Jeff and Ed), the band T-shirt has long been a blank canvas riddled with inside references and celebrating everything from attending a [...]


Guitar Picks and More Guitar Picks

by Jessica Letkemann on April 5, 2003

Ah, the mundane guitar pick. Not something PJ fans think about much. But truth is, these little monogrammed pieces of plastic have reflected PJ members’ tastes and senses of humor since back in the day. Over the years, a color scheme has even emerged, as you can see below (guess it’s easier to tell whose is whose that way). Gathered here are just a few of the various customized PJ picks the guys have had made and used, each one worth a closer look.