Pearl Jam Collectibles

Decoding Mike McCready’s M I K E Guitar Picks

by Jessica Letkemann on August 21, 2013

Mike McCready’s been raining M I K & E picks on Pearl Jam crowds since 2011. Here’s a look at all 16 types and what they mean. It’s elemental.


Pearl Jam are featured in Austin City Limits: 35 Years In Photographs, and Eddie Vedder is featured in Docufilm “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop”


The Ten Club has some extra copies of several years worth of 7″ Holiday Singles available at


B at TheSkyIScrape pointed out some new retro PJ shirts for sale at we found a cool hoodie too

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In partnership with Pearl Jam, Volcom Entertainment are offering a Ltd. Edition 7″ single/T-Shirt/Hangtag featuring Ten era content


Reeeink Roink: “It’s Ok to mess up!”

by John Reynolds on August 24, 2005

What makes a Pearl Jam collectible “valuable”? The “Reeenk Roink” promo CD boasts neither unreleased music nor eye catching graphics; but its rarity, odd name, handcrafted manufacturing and place in PJ history have made it one of the handful of “holy grail” collectibles. What is Reeenk Roink? TFT and PJ collector Seth Dolled take a closer look.


Fan Club Single #1: Band’s First Christmas

by John Reynolds on December 15, 2004

TFT takes a deep dive into one of the “original” artifactors: the first Fan Club Christmast Single


Live At Soldier Field

by George Reilly on February 3, 2004

A close look at one of the first “official bootlegs” from the July 11, 1995, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL concert


Guitar Picks and More Guitar Picks

by Jessica Letkemann on April 5, 2003

Ah, the mundane guitar pick. Not something PJ fans think about much. But truth is, these little monogrammed pieces of plastic have reflected PJ members’ tastes and senses of humor since back in the day. Over the years, a color scheme has even emerged, as you can see below (guess it’s easier to tell whose is whose that way). Gathered here are just a few of the various customized PJ picks the guys have had made and used, each one worth a closer look.