It’s Alive! Pearl Jam’s Iconic Single Turns 20

by John Reynolds , Kathy Davis , Jessica Letkemann on August 3, 2011


One of their earliest group collaborations hits the airwaves a month prior to Ten’s release


MTV Newsroom blog asks readers to vote for Best Debut, and Pearl Jam wins with 71% of vote! Read on…


Here’s a video preview and brief interview with the executive producers of Cold Case, the CBS show that is using PJ songs in it’s 2-part finale starting at 9 p.m Sunday

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New DEEP magazine done, Holiday single end of April & “plans for the rest of 2009 are shaping up and it looks to be a very full year”


Thick Pic: Ten Takes Manhattan

by Jessica Letkemann on April 1, 2009

Walking home from a concert last night in lower Manhattan and posters for “Ten Redux” wheatpasted to the sides of foreclosed Soho boutiques jumped out at me. Ah, resessionomics. Like “Ten,” it’s so 1991. This tryptich was taken on Spring near the Bowery (that’s somewhat around the corner from CBGB for those of you not familiar with New York). Rock.


‘Grunge Is Dead’ Bits….

by Jessica Letkemann on March 30, 2009

So “Grunge Is Dead,” Greg Prato’s doorstopper of an oral history of Seattle music, just landed here at TFT. All 478 pages of it. You’ll have to try hard to keep your head from actually exploding — almost every single page is at least tangentially related to PJ. Even a quick skim comes up with [...]


The CBS drama “Cold Case” will use 16 Pearl Jam songs in the show’s two-part May season finale


A Week in the Life of PJ: November 8-14, 1991

by John Reynolds on December 8, 2006

19 years ago in 1991, Pearl Jam plays the early show at a 200-capacity club and later makes record store appearances to crowds consisting of mostly employees and random shoppers


Ten: A Study In Pink

by Jessica Letkemann on August 25, 2006

Ten @ 15 Ten was released fifteen years ago on August 27, 1991 (click to see cover unfolded) It’s pink, it’s tres early-90s, and it’s packed with nuanced and obscure PJ information. What is it? The liner notes of Ten. As Neil Young famously sang, “there’s more to the picture / than meets the eye.” [...]


Reeeink Roink: “It’s Ok to mess up!”

by John Reynolds on August 24, 2005

What makes a Pearl Jam collectible “valuable”? The “Reeenk Roink” promo CD boasts neither unreleased music nor eye catching graphics; but its rarity, odd name, handcrafted manufacturing and place in PJ history have made it one of the handful of “holy grail” collectibles. What is Reeenk Roink? TFT and PJ collector Seth Dolled take a closer look.